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The neighborhood children love to play in Play Lady's urban garden. She lets them build secret forts and decorate her garden beds. One day the children are horrified to discover that someone has painted mean words on Play Lady's trailer home, broken her windows, and trashed her precious garden. The children find a way for the entire neighborhood to respond. Text in Spanish and English. Part of the Redleaf Press Anti-Bias Books for Kids series.

Play Lady

Eric Hoffman picture books Play Lady
A neighborhood rich in ethnic diversity is the setting for this winning tale of community solidarity. Senora Juguetona, beloved for her garden and her playfulness, finds her mobile home vandalized; the neighborhood quickly comes to her aid. The richly detailed illustrations convey the feelings of each individual character, enhancing the message of accepting diversity.
--A 1999 Parents' Choice Silver Award Winner. Ages 3 to 7. From Parents' Choice®

The book begins a new anti-bias series that is designed to teach children new ways to know the people around them. The text is in both English and Spanish and there are discussion questions in the back of the book for parents, teachers, and other caregivers.

The art is colorful and appealing. The book has important lessons for children, but is not preachy. We know Play Lady, with her serene countenance, as the children see her.

-- Foreword Magazine, September, 1999

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