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In the late 60’s, I went off to college to become a computer programmer like my dad. I graduated with a degree in architecture and design and a strong interest in education. In college I volunteered with high school students, then middle schoolers in the juvenile justice system, then elementary age kids, and finally, in my last two years, in a day care center. The younger they got, the more I enjoyed it.


I ended up working with young children for the next 35 years.  My work was highlighted in the book and video Starting Small, from the Southern Poverty Law Center's Teaching Tolerance Project.  I currently teach Early Childhood Education classes at my local community college.


Along the way, I used my design background to help create playgrounds for over 40 preschools, as well as the toys and other designs you'll find on my website. And my experiences in the classroom have inspired many of the stories I write.

In addition to my writing and design work, I've done workshops, speeches, and classes for parents and teachers on conflict resolution, playspace design, social- emotional intelligence, block play, and using dolls and puppets in the classroom. My most popular presentation, on facilitating superhero play, focuses on understanding the questions children are asking through their play, so parents and teachers can guide them toward positive answers about fairness, conflict resolution, and power.  If you're interested in knowing more, drop me an email!

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